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The Fiscal Cliff Deal is Still Affect...

The Fiscal Cliff Deal is Still Affecting Worker’s Paychecks
Tweet Many workers were anxious about the fiscal cliff deal before it even happened. Talks of lower paychecks had many worried about their financial future. Unfortunately, once the deal was made it did have a negative impact on over 160 million workers. Although tax breaks for families in the middle income range were extended, the payroll tax [...]

Edwards Finance Trial Wraps Up

Edwards Finance Trial Wraps Up
Tweet The former senator John Edwards has been in the news a lot recently, but not for the political achievements he would like to achieve or the image he would like to portray. Instead most of the coverage in recent years has swirled around his extra-marital affair and charges that he used campaign money to cover up the affair. The subsequen [...]

Reports Indicate Small Personal Loans...

Reports Indicate Small Personal Loans on the Rise
Tweet Even though the economy has been showing small signs of improvement, money is still tight for many people. Having the funds to pay daily and monthly expenses can be a real challenge but when an emergency occurs it can be all but impossible to handle. As a result many people are deciding on a small personal loan . An article by timesunio [...]

Getting the Mortgage Industry Back in...

Getting the Mortgage Industry Back in Gear
Tweet The latest news is that mortgage interest rates are approaching all time lows. All though house buying is still low there has been a big upswing in refinancing. In fact lenders across the country are struggling to keep up with this demand. This has been problematic for banks as many have let a big proportion of their mortgage staff go w [...]

West Memphis Three and American Justi...

West Memphis Three and American Justice
Tweet The American justice system is theorized to be one of the most fair, humane and practical legal systems that has existed throughout history and differing cultures. Even so, there are a number of flaws that are recognized and problems that are inherent to the system. A jury trial by our peers is not always a guarantee that the truth will [...]

Fisker Announces New Karma

Fisker Announces New Karma
Tweet Fisker just recently announced the new release of their model Karma. The car is an electric vehicle with a sleek design and is marketed as a luxury vehicle. This new model has sparked much attention and has caught the eyes of many people. These cars are expected to sell for around $100,000 and Fisker has announced that that it is expect [...]

Debra Brown Released After 17 Years i...

Debra Brown Released After 17 Years in Prison
Tweet Debra Brown has finally been released from prison and is enjoying her freedom. She was originally convicted of the murder of Lael Brown in 1993 but has recently been found factually innocent of the crime. Brown spent 17 years in prison for a crime she is now found innocent of. She has started to answer press questions at her attorney’s [...]

First Time Tire Buying

First Time Tire Buying
Tweet Wading through sales fliers, online stores, and listings for local dealers to buy tires is a major endeavor. If you haven’t had to buy tires before, you may be clueless as to the different tire ratings, sizes, and even the appeal of black rims versus regular wheels. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that shopping for tire [...]

Assistance With Tax Form Preparation ...

Assistance With Tax Form Preparation and Filing
Tweet Finding your particular income tax forms is the easy part of filing your taxes. The government itself has all of the forms you could possible need, as well as their instructions, available for downloading right from their sight. Meanwhile, depending on the specific form you will need to use, your likelihood for additional support servic [...]